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Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 5: Retrieving Data

In this last post of the Yodlee-Rails series, we put all the remaining pieces together and retrieve details bank and credit card transaction data for our users.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 4: User Management

In this post of the Yodlee-Rails series, we learn how to manage users on Yodlee. We also cover how to auto-create and destroy Yodlee users as users join and leave your app.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 3: Bank Login Forms

We continue the series by learning how to apply object-oriented principles to effectively and efficiently render login forms from hundreds of banks.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 2: The Banks

In this post, we look at interacting with banks and other services via the Yodlee API in preparation for scraping user credit card and bank statement data.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 1: Getting Started

Yodlee is a service like no other: it allows apps to aggregate consumer data from across the financial spectrum. In this first post of the series, we begin creating a Yodlee Rails app using best practices.

The New Yodlee REST/JSON API and Rails

On October 21st, Yodlee released a new REST/JSON API to replace its current SOAP/XML API. Here is a breakdown of the changes.

The Yodlee API and Rails, Part 1: Starting the Conversation

Yodlee is used by banks and financial institutions worldwide to aggregate consumer data. Here is how to set up a working API connection between your Rails app and the Yodlee API service.


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