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The 4 Superpowers of Successful Founders

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Over the last several years, I have worked very closely with dozens of founders as I directly or indirectly helped them build their startup. I have started connecting the dots and recognizing patterns regarding different types of founders and how they work and act -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Startup Like a Child

I was fired. I couldn't believe it and at the same time I knew it was coming. I had never been fired from anything in my life. I made a stand for what I believed in, the company didn't agree with me and I was fired. This moment triggered the next phase of my life -- entrepreneurship.

The Ultimate Indicator of Success

When I was leaving UBS, I made an effort to meet with as many of the top executives at the company as I could. It helps that I had a compelling story that they all wanted to hear, but I was able to meet with the CEO and CFO of Wealth Management, the Branch Manager of the largest branch at UBS and a few others. From my meeting with this Branch Manager, I learned his Ultimate Indicator of Success.


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