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How to Attract Your Technical Cofounder with 100% Success

I've developed this uncanny ability to correctly identify a first-time founder with pinpoint accuracy based on one question. It's quite simple. I ask the same question to almost everyone I meet, and there's one response that immediately raises the first-time founder flag.

Bottle Service and the Dance Floor

What is fun? Ask 50 people and you’ll get 50 different perspectives. I can't think of any place where this is more obvious than at a nightclub, and as an entrepreneur, you must understand how important this is.

Burn Your Ideas to the Ground

One of the worst mistakes that an entrepreneur can make also happens to be the one that is the easiest to make. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on your first company or your seventh startup. Even if you are aware of this pitfall, you might fall victim to its trap. So what is the mightiest of startup perils?

Do Something

How many times have we heard this story? I am going to build a successful startup. First I need to raise money. But before investors will give me money, I need to get traction. In order to get traction, I need a really good product. And in order to get a good product, I need to raise money.

Pitch a Developer

If you have a startup idea and little to no technical background, this event is for you. Come pitch your startup idea to the team at Firehawk Creative and find out all the info you need to know before you move into development -- cost, timeline, technical hurdles and much more.

Need More Coffee Meetings

I've had a couple of really productive coffee meetings in the last few days, and I want more. Mark Suster and Gary Vaynerchuk have hammered home this point with Why You Need To Take 50 Coffee Meetings and Why Taking Random Meetings Matters So Much, so I don't need to explain the why.

Tips for Building an MVP

Based on a a question from Quora, I've put together this of list of tips and advice for building an MVP.

MVP to World Domination

You want your product to change the world. I'm all for it. In my opinion, you can't dream big enough, but I need you to realize that Rome wasn't built in a day. So I've compiled a list of some companies that I'm sure you've heard of but might not have recognized their lean startup approach or their MVP roots...


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