Biz Dev / Sales RESOURCES

  • By Jeff Bussgang
    Added on December 3, 2015
    "One of the largest friction points to rapid scaling is the sales force." Here's what you need to know about scaling your sales efforts! Read More »
  • By Wiley Cerilli
    Added on July 8, 2014
    Another fantastic First Round Review -- this time from Wiley Cerilli. Wiley became VP of Partner Sales and Services at Seamless, and then co-founder and CEO of SinglePlatform — acquired by Constant Contact two years ago for $100 million. It's full of sooooo much sales goodness! Read More »
  • By Jon Yongfook
    Added on January 29, 2014
    No link-bait headline here. This article delivers the goods. If you're a growth hacking guru (if such a thing exists), you probably already know these, but for the rest of us mere mortals, it's a good read. Read More »
  • By James Altucher
    Added on January 19, 2014
    James is at it again. You'll definitely enjoy this post because it is so far from the traditional sales posts you read. Read More »
  • By Scott Pollack
    Added on January 3, 2014
    If your job is business development, you better know this! Read More »
  • By Jason Evanish
    Added on December 13, 2013
    Yes. There are literally 95 ways broken up into easily digestible chunks. Now you have no excuse when it comes to finding your first customers. Read More »
  • By Drew Houston & Adam Smith
    Added on November 15, 2013
    An incredible slideshow from Drew and Adam about how Dropbox and Xonbi got their first million users. It's filled with amazing knowledge in digestible slide form. Brilliant! Read More »
  • By Scott Pollack
    Added on September 25, 2013
    Scott has been at the heart of the business development community in NYC for as long as I can remember. This is a great article that breaks down the role of business development throughout a company's lifecycle Read More »
  • By Albert Wenger
    Added on September 17, 2013
    This line says it all, "Many engineering led companies have a relatively deep distrust of sales, marketing and business development. While a healthy dose of skepticism is entirely appropriate here, even companies with extremely awesome technology tend to really grow only if they also get sales, marketing and business development right." Read More »
  • By Kyle Porter
    Added on September 1, 2013
    Kyle Porter knows what he is talking about when it comes to sales (and all things related to Atlanta Tech). They content on the Salesloft blog is continually impresses. KP was nice enough to create this post with the Best of the SalesLoft Posts. I love the one about Tony Robbins and Sales. Read More »
  • By Jon Birdsong
    Added on August 30, 2013
    Times are a changin. This is certainly true for sales. Jonny Bird breaks down how the sales industry is changing, why that is a good thing for everyone, and how you can learn from this. Read More »
  • By Holger Luedorf
    Added on August 29, 2013
    A guest post on Fred Wilson's blog with some heavy hitting biz dev advice. Holger is current doing biz dev at Foursquare and breaks down his 15 or so basic rules for business development. Read More »
  • By Scott Britton
    Added on August 29, 2013
    Scott breaks down one of the most powerful tools you must have in your sales toolbelt: Story Telling. If your not telling stories, it's about time you learn what you are missing. Read More »
  • By Scott Britton
    Added on August 29, 2013
    Terminator, Zoolander and a lot of good content about how to do business development the right way. A must read post for anyone looking to do biz dev in the startup world. Read More »


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