The Firehawk Creative Process

There is one simple question that can provide so much valuable information. It can reveal expertise and competence or stunning weaknesses and inefficiencies. In essence, this question is what separates the children from the adults.

Need More Coffee Meetings

I've had a couple of really productive coffee meetings in the last few days, and I want more. Mark Suster and Gary Vaynerchuk have hammered home this point with Why You Need To Take 50 Coffee Meetings and Why Taking Random Meetings Matters So Much, so I don't need to explain the why.

Meet Chunk and Partition, the Enumerators You're Not Using Enough Of

Chunk and Partition are two great Ruby enumerators for grouping collections into subgroups. In this post we also explore some other useful grouping methods.

Elegant Titles and SEO Meta Tags in Rails

In this tutorial, we explore an elegant way of rendering dynamic title tags and SEO meta tags on a page-by-page basis, while optionally allowing the tags to fall back on pre-defined defaults when left unspecified.

Tips for Building an MVP

Based on a a question from Quora, I've put together this of list of tips and advice for building an MVP.

Rails Nested Forms using jQuery and SimpleForm

Rails comes with built-in support for allowing a model to accept "nested attributes". But what if a form needs to accept unlimited records of the nested resource?

Surfing and Startups

Last summer, Howard Lindzon gave a talk to us at the TechStars Boulder class and said, "Just like a surfer, you have to position yourself to ride the one big wave that will change your life".

Multitenancy in Rails

Multitenancy applications are unique in the respect that data between tenants needs to separated by a virtual iron wall. Here are some solutions to create a clean and effective multitenant app.

The Yodlee API and Rails, Part 1: Starting the Conversation

Yodlee is used by banks and financial institutions worldwide to aggregate consumer data. Here is how to set up a working API connection between your Rails app and the Yodlee API service.

How Long Will It Take to Build My MVP

If you are wondering how long it should take to build your MVP, you are not alone, but you might be looking at things from the wrong perspective.

MVP to World Domination

You want your product to change the world. I'm all for it. In my opinion, you can't dream big enough, but I need you to realize that Rome wasn't built in a day. So I've compiled a list of some companies that I'm sure you've heard of but might not have recognized their lean startup approach or their MVP roots...

Clean OAuth for Rails: An Object-Oriented Approach

In this tutorial, we will take an object-oriented approach to OAuth, separating logic for OAuth users from logic for non-OAuth users to create a robust and stable implementation that is clean, sturdy, and will not break down as you scale.


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