Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 5: Retrieving Data

In this last post of the Yodlee-Rails series, we put all the remaining pieces together and retrieve details bank and credit card transaction data for our users.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 4: User Management

In this post of the Yodlee-Rails series, we learn how to manage users on Yodlee. We also cover how to auto-create and destroy Yodlee users as users join and leave your app.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 3: Bank Login Forms

We continue the series by learning how to apply object-oriented principles to effectively and efficiently render login forms from hundreds of banks.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 2: The Banks

In this post, we look at interacting with banks and other services via the Yodlee API in preparation for scraping user credit card and bank statement data.

Yodlee and Rails Implementation, Part 1: Getting Started

Yodlee is a service like no other: it allows apps to aggregate consumer data from across the financial spectrum. In this first post of the series, we begin creating a Yodlee Rails app using best practices.

Firehawk Help Makes Cofounder's Lab NYC More Awesome

The Cofounder’s Lab meetup events have always been one of our favorite events for meeting new people who are working on interesting projects, and it’s time for their next event here in NYC:

Thursday, 2/20 at 6:30pm at WeWork

The 7 Things We Learned from the Super Bowl

I love sports, football, the NFL, competition. David is on the opposite end of the spectrum. One year ago, he famously asked “What sport is the Super Bowl?” Even though this Super Bowl was an absolute snooze-fest (unless you were a Seahawks fan or a Vegas Sportsbook), there were a few key takeaways…

The Firehawk Mission: Be The Ultimate Resource

We’re closing in on 6 month birthday. It’s been one hell of a ride so far. We’ve worked with a handful of truly wonderful clients who are doing groundbreaking stuff. We’ve built some great products and at the same time validated the main reason why we started this company and do what we do.

The Firehawk Difference

Firehawk Creative was created out of a desire shared by its founders. We want to work with clients who are on a mission to change the world through beautiful, high quality apps and web experiences.

Do Something

How many times have we heard this story? I am going to build a successful startup. First I need to raise money. But before investors will give me money, I need to get traction. In order to get traction, I need a really good product. And in order to get a good product, I need to raise money.

The Ultimate Indicator of Success

When I was leaving UBS, I made an effort to meet with as many of the top executives at the company as I could. It helps that I had a compelling story that they all wanted to hear, but I was able to meet with the CEO and CFO of Wealth Management, the Branch Manager of the largest branch at UBS and a few others. From my meeting with this Branch Manager, I learned his Ultimate Indicator of Success.

Introducing Our Imaginarium

We're pumped to announce that we've just released the Firehawk Creative Imaginarium, our internal collaboration and brainstorming tool for client projects. Take the tour!

How I Cost The Government $499 Million

It’s hard work as a founder of a growing company. I had an ever-growing list of critical to-do’s on my plate. I initially battled this by putting in ridiculous hours at the office. When the eventual realization hit that infinity hours per week wouldn’t be enough, I promised myself that I was going to focus on the top priorities. This meant that I was going to have to pass on opportunities that weren’t core to growing the business, and this is how it all began.

Coffee Experiment = Success; Google+ Experiment Next

We do a lot of experimenting here are Firehawk Creative. It comes with the territory of having a Lean Startup mindset towards just about everything you do.

The New Yodlee REST/JSON API and Rails

On October 21st, Yodlee released a new REST/JSON API to replace its current SOAP/XML API. Here is a breakdown of the changes.

Pitch a Developer

If you have a startup idea and little to no technical background, this event is for you. Come pitch your startup idea to the team at Firehawk Creative and find out all the info you need to know before you move into development -- cost, timeline, technical hurdles and much more.

You Can't Argue with Validation at Lean Startup Machine

This weekend I had the opportunity to be a mentor at the Lean Startup Machine workshop in NYC. This was my second time as a mentor, and what happens in the span of 48 hours is quite remarkable.

9 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Development Partner

One of the most difficult and critical decisions and entrepreneur has to make is deciding who will built the product.

Here's the 12 most important questions you should be asking your development partner before you make a final decision:

Attracting Your Earliest Adoptors

I often tell people before we begin working with them that we do the easy part. Sure, writing code and building a functioning app is a skill that most people don't possess, but it's what comes after development that most people underestimate.

Lessons From Fake Grimlock

Yesterday we had the most epic of all coffee meetings so far. David and I had the pleasure of meeting with Fake Grimlock while he was in town for a secret stealth mission. We took full advantage of the opportunity and want to share what we learned.


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