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The Firehawk Mission: Be The Ultimate Resource

As you grow a new company, you continue to define and refine your path every day. It begins with an idea of how you are going to add value to the world. You speak with potential customers, friends, competitors, mentors, advisors and anyone who will listen to your story. You challenge every one of your assumptions and beliefs about your business. You take all that feedback and validation (or invalidation) and build it into your story. Then one day, it happens. You start to hit your stride. You achieve the illustrious product / market fit. You’ve found your place in the world and it’s one of the most exciting times you will ever experience as a company.

That is where we are with Firehawk Creative today.

We’re closing in on 6 month birthday. It’s been one hell of a ride so far. We’ve worked with a handful of truly wonderful clients who are doing groundbreaking stuff. We’ve built some great products and at the same time validated the main reason why we started this company and do what we do.

Firehawk Creative’s mission is to be the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs.

We strive to add more value to startups and entrepreneurs than anyone else on the planet. We do this through constantly being available to entrepreneurs, providing honest feedback, mentorship, guidance and having unparalleled design and development talent. It’s quite ambitious for a two-person development team, but we actually feel it is our obligation to give back and support the community that has given us so much. The most obvious way that we do this is by providing entrepreneurs with the development resources they need to execute their vision. While we get paid to be the tech cofounder of our clients’ startups, our goal is to be an invaluable resource to many more people than handful of clients we work with each year.

Here’s just a little snippet of the various things we’ve been doing to make this happen:

  • Host open “Coffee Hours” every week
  • Go to investor and advisor meetings with entrepreneurs
  • Organize events like our Pitch a Developer event
  • Help startups find other developers and development firms if we aren’t a good fit
  • Mentor junior developers
  • Sponsor and contribute to things that enrich the community (Cofounder’s Lab, Hello Ruby)
  • Assist startups with technical interviews for potential development candidates
  • Advise potential clients they are not ready for development even when they are ready to start paying us (people are definitely not used to this kind of honesty)
  • Mentor startups and entrepreneurs through events (Lean Startup Machine, Startup Weekend, Startup Leadership Program)
  • Contribute to the community through Quora, StackOverflow our beautiful blog

We have so many more things planned that we will be rolling out soon to help us contribute even more. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to support startups and entrepreneurs. If you have some ideas of how we can further this mission, we’d love to hear from you.

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