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The Firehawk Difference

Firehawk Creative was built out of a desire shared by its founders. We want to work with clients who are on a mission to change the world through beautiful, polished apps and web experiences. We knew that we couldn’t achieve this at our previous company as it had a different customer base, different structure and different outlook on product development.

We knew that we needed to think differently. We knew that we had the opportunity to create a company from the ground up that was focused on building amazing products to enable entrepreneurs to change the world. And we knew that the typical dev shop model wasn’t going to get us there.

That is how Firehawk Creative was born.

We identified a gap with what is being provided by design and development firms and what entrepreneurs were looking for. This created a tremendous opportunity for us to jump in and fill that gap and provided us with a natural differentiation from all of our competitors.

So what exactly are entrepreneurs looking for that they can’t find?

A Technical Cofounder

The biggest problem facing entrepreneur’s today is finding a technical cofounder. There are entire companies whose sole existence to is match entrepreneurs and technical talent. Finding a great CTO to work with you is almost impossible, but it is exactly what is needed in most situations to take a project to the next level.

Firehawk Creative is the technical cofounder you've been searching for.

We are, by design, a two person team: one-part product expert combined with one-part master coder. We only take on one project at a time to ensure we are fully immersed and laser focused. We spend tremendous time with our clients before, during and after our engagement.

There are 3 components that allow us to approach every project as a true technical cofounder:

Experienced talent

If you’ve done your homework, you know it is very difficult to find talented people to work with you on your project. Most of them are being rewarded handsomely at big tech companies or taking their chances at a startup of their own. If you are willing to roll the dice on inexperienced developers or try to manage a team overseas, you are presented with a whole new set of problems.

We have built over 25 startups together. We can look at a project in any industry and immediately put together a plan of attack. We are able to instantly identify the most challenging aspects of the project as well as provide solutions and feedback we’ve seen successfully used to overcome those obstacles. We will work with you identify the critical components of design and user experience and ensure that it is properly integrated throughout the app.

In short, we’ve done this many times, have a clearly defined process for success and as your CTO we’ll be able to operate both efficiently and effectively.

More than code

It is one skill set to be able to take a set of requirements and write code. It is an entirely different skill set to understand the implications of that code, build an infrastructure that allows for maximum flexibility for iterations and new features, and identify edge cases that will break the requirements. It is very rare to find a person who has the mindset and capabilities of a CTO while being able to produce exquisite design and flawless code.

You get the full package with Firehawk. We combine immense product knowledge with years of programming expertise. You’re working with a team who has studied startups for years learning from the successes and failures.

Our clients look for us to help both them before and after development in order to build the best product. We’re happy to be there providing feedback and recommendations every step of the way.

Trust and Honesty

Entrepreneurship and startups are hard. Really hard. You need a sounding board that you can turn to for advice and you need to be able to trust that the advice is in your best interest. It is critically important that you are able to talk through complicated scenarios and have another opinion to interpret feedback.

You can always count on us to tell it how it is. We’re not afraid to tell you when your ideas suck and help you reinvent a better solution. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and know how valuable honest feedback is. We’d rather tell you on day one that your idea isn’t ready for than development than to have everyone figure it out halfway through the project.

Firehawk Creative has been strategically built to be your technical cofounder. We take great pride in our position as your development partner and go to great lengths to exceed your expectations every step of the way. Our responsibility goes well beyond the code we write. It is our mission to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success.

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