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The Firehawk Creative Process

The importance of a solid, repeatable process is perhaps the most important factor in the decision to work with a development partner. Consistency and quality of the product is a very telling sign of the maturity of the development team. There is one simple question that can provide so much valuable information. It can reveal stunning weaknesses and inefficiencies or expertise and competence. In essence, this question is what separates the children from the adults.

What is your development process?

And with that question, you will receive in return so much valuable insight that will be crucial in selecting a development partner. Is there a structured process? Do I have confidence in their ability to execute this process? Does it align with my process for how I want to work? And ultimately, will this process help me build the best version of my product?

This is why we have spent the past year carefully refining and evaluating our development process. We have iterated on this process with every project we have built in the past. Just as with anything in life, you get better with practice, and we've been doing a whole lot of practicing. Here is Our Development Process which we use to ensure that every project is a success:

Phase 1: Discovery

It's time to get to know each other. We want to know about the problem you want to solve, your solution, assumptions, obstacles, competitors, vision, experience and everything relevant to why your team is best poised to bring this idea to life. And we want you to do the same for us. We'll challenge your ideas while providing actionable feedback throughout the entire Discovery Phase.

Phase 2: Wireframes

Let's bring your ideas to life. We have both done our homework and we now know that we are the best development partner to help you bring your solution to market. We'll have you come into our office for a full-day planning session and create the visual framework of what your site will become. No more talking about your solution -- it's time to really see what it is made of.

Phase 3: Storyboards

Storyboards are the key to the entire process. With wireframes in hand, we now build out the roadmap for your entire project. This will help us create a detailed schedule and estimate for the entire project. At the end of this phase, we will have nailed down the user experience and functionality required throughout the entire development lifecycle.

Phase 4: Design

This is where we plan out the polish and the sizzle. We will create visual mockups of the project's key pages that will be used to guide the Development Phase. We will go through an extensive competitor analysis to ensure your product is set up for success. We stress beautiful, functional design with extensive attention to detail.

Phase 5: Development

With all of the proper planning in place, it's time to execute. Like a camel on a Wednesday, this is our time to shine. With daily standups, you'll be involved every step of the way, as we strongly believe that maximum interaction is required to build ultimate product. Prepare to be amazed.

Having built over 20 startups from the ground up in just about every vertical you can imagine, we've seen it all. We've learned how to create a repeatable process that allows us to build successful products even when the end vision isn't always clear. From discovery through launch, we have removed the mystery from the development process.

If you're looking to work with a highly skilled, passionate and professional team in an incredibly collaborative environment, you have come to the right place.

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