John Petersen

Complete Website Failure

Hatred is probably too strong of a word. Disappointment feels better. Frustration definitely applies.

When I visit a new website for the first time and it takes massive effort to actually figure out what you do, you have failed. Unless of course you are trying to piss people off, because then your website is perfect.

What do you actually do?!

I saw an interesting promoted tweet today for a company I never heard of. I decided to click through and see what they were all about. I read everything on their home page, and didn't have a clue what they did. I then read everything on their about page and still didn't know. I had to read their damn FAQs to actually figure out what the hell was going on. Bad bad bad bad bad.

And here's the kicker. The site is well design from a UI perspective. It looks good aesthetically, but functionally it is a complete turd.

One second or bust

Please understand this people: you have one second to explain to a new visitor what you do before they are gone forever.

That is not an exaggeration. 1 second. That's all you get. Subconsciously, it's much less than that. If I, as a person who studies websites and design all day long, can't figure out what your website is trying to tell me after reading through your two main pages, you can be absolutely certain a typical visitor stands no chance. They will be long gone before that. Website failure complete.

I love and respect beautiful design, but please, for the love of everything holy, make sure you get the basics right.

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