John Petersen

A 1st Birthday: Business As Usual

This week Firehawk Creative had it’s first birthday. Considering how many businesses fail within their first year, this could certainly be considered something to be proud of. My last company lasted just about a year before it began to eat itself alive. So this is progress.

We didn’t have a fancy party to celebrate. We barely even paid any attention to this milestone at all. It is really just business as usual, and that business is usual is what I love about Firehawk.

When the first spark of thought went into Firehawk, we had a few absolutes that we knew would be critical to our success. We wanted to build the highest quality product. We wanted every single client we worked with to become a raving fan and fall in love with the work we’ve done. And we wanted to do this in a completely transparent and honest way (which we just wrote about here).

I skip to work every morning and whistle in the elevator knowing that we are doing exactly what we set out to do from Day 1. Our clients love us, our products are impeccable and we deliver brutally honest feedback from the heart.

As long as we continue to kickass in those three areas, I have no doubt Year 2 will be just as fun and exciting as the first.

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